Folk Singer/Songwriter

Est. 1988

Hometown of Coaldale, Alberta, Canada

Currently Resides in Yuba City, California, USA

Shawni Rae is an independent singer/songwriter from Alberta Canada (born in Medicine Hat, raised in Coaldale), currently residing in Yuba City, California.

She started playing piano at the age of 5. Taught by her aunt Amie, she quickly picked up the ability to play by ear, something she attributes as a major benefit to learning other instruments. She continued her classical training and eventually purchased her first guitar, a used Oscar Schmidt.

She started writing songs in high school, and while attending Brigham Young University-Idaho, she began performing as a solo artist and in short-term groups. Shawni also met her husband, and the love of her life, Blake, while attending BYU.

In 2010 Shawni released her first self-titled EP under her maiden name Shawni Shimbashi. After working with a difficult producer and having to fight to maintain her artistic integrity, she eventually lost the musical direction of the EP to her producer. She decided to take a break from music to focus on her teaching career.

In September 2015 she brought three new singles to San Francisco based producer Brad Dollar. She spent three days in the studio with Brad, honing in on the simplistic folksy sound she had originally envisioned for her EP. She released the first of the three singles, “To Get By”, on December 4th, 2015. She released the second single, an intimate love song titled “Dreamer”, on January 1st, 2016. The third and final single titled, “I’d Be Lyin’” was released on June 1st, 2016.

Shawni continues to write and record original works and cover songs regularly. She has an active YouTube channel (Shawni Rae Music) and will be releasing an acoustic version of her new single “Holes In Your Heart” as part of her monthly feature with Cottonwood Records.


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Ring of Fire
Shawni Rae (original by Johnny Cash)
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Holes In Your Heart
Shawni Rae
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